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Pásky, Ltd., which operates under the brand name PASKY, is a leading manufacturer of printed adhesive tapes in the Czech  Republic for a number of years. The company was established in 1994 and belongs among the top companies in its line of business not only within  the Czech Republic but also in Europe.Pasky.cz | O násk

The company has a long  history, which began in 1994, and despite a difficult period in the  year 2002, when the entire company ended up under water due to floods,  the company continues to develop, aiming not only at the satisfaction of  its clients and suppliers, but, very importantly, also its employees.

In the first years of its operation, the company resided in rented  premises in Prague - Karlín, then it bought a new seat and production premises in Prague at Černý Most, and at present, the company has several premises.

The company has expanded its offer from  originally one type of printed adhesive tape, adding other materials and  print options. Our company now offers classic printing of adhesive  tapes using classic flexo print technology, sandwich technology,  printing of paper tapes, printing of LDPE foils, printing of water-activated paper tapes, printing of cardboard, manufacturing of paper and plastic labels etc. In addition to printing  services, the company offers various packaging materials with excellent  prices. We endeavour to continually expand our product portfolio according to the demands of our clients.

Despite its development, the company maintains the spirit of a smaller team on all levels, which  enables, for example, maximum care for the client or following the production process from the order to dispatching goods.

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