Standard printed tapes (BOPP) - surface printing

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The most common printed adhesive tapes are made of polypropylene foil. These are adhesive tapes with wider use than cheaper tapes made of PVC and they are ideal for light to medium weight cardboard consignments. As a standard, they are made with acrylate adhesive and they are high tack and firm, but they are not suitable for temperatures that are too high or too low. If you have an unheated or non-air-conditioned warehouse, the tape may not stick well. It is also necessary to consider the fact that acrylate adhesives only achieve their highest degree of tack after several hours or days. If maximum tack needs to be achieved immediately, other adhesives are used, such as for example hot melt or natural rubber. The advantage of acrylate adhesive is its high durability, slow aging and good resistance to oxidation and UV radiation.

A polypropylene tape with acrylate adhesive is of standard use in the Czech Republic as a printed tape. In other countries, tape made of PVC foil with natural rubber adhesive is still being widely used, despite being less ecological compared to polypropylene. More on polypropylene and ecology

What does surface print mean?

These adhesive tapes are printed on the surface of the tape with a special flexo printing machine. This means that the print is exposed to direct influence of the adhesive and is not as durable in time as for example in the case of sandwich printing. A great advantage of surface printing is the flexibility of the amount (it is possible from small series already) and the speed of supply.

What is BOPP?

The abbreviation BOPP stands for biaxially oriented polypropylene foil, which stretches in both directions. The foil is far more stable, its mechanical solidity increases and it also stretches less. It also looks better (has greater transparency) and its tear-resistance increases.

Why are these tapes suitable for smaller to medium amount?

  • Thanks to the printing technology, we can offer you these tapes from the amount of 36 rolls (breadth 50 mm)
  • You will receive printing plates from us free of charge.


Standard tape colours offered:
Transparent, havana (brown), white, or in yellow, green, red, orange and blue.
Tape thickness:
We offer surface-printed polypropylene adhesive tapes with standard foil thickness of 28 my and a better foil thickness 32 my. Total thickness ist 49 my and 53 my (+-10%).
Technical Data Sheet (28µm)
Technical Data Sheet (32µm)
Regular breadth 25 mm, 37,5 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 150 mm  
on request 12 mm, 15 mm, 19 mm, 100 mm
The regular coil is 66 m in the roll,
upon agreement it is possible to adjust coil, for example 33 m, 132 m, 198 m … or up to machine coil 990 m.
Print colour:
From 36 pieces one to three direct colours according to PANTONE colour swatch,
Would you like more colours? – More information on sandwich printing
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