The loudness of diffrent adhesive tapes when unrolling

For a common user, who tapes up one to two packages per month, or even less, the loudness of the adhesive tape in unrolling is not an essential question. But for professionals, who manage a distribution warehouse of a company that sends several dozen or even hundreds of packages a day, which may be one of the key questions when selecting the type of adhesive tapes.

Adhesive tapes have different degrees of loudness. The material of the tape, and especially the applied adhesive, decide this.

A standard polypropylenove tape (BOPP) with acrylate adhesive  is probably on the highest level of the loudness scale, a PVC tape with solvent adhesive  or a polypropylene tape (BOPP) with a specially adjusted Silent adhesive is probably on the lowest level of loudness.

Type of adhesive tape

BOPP with acrylate adhesive

loud in unrolling
BOPP with hot melt adhesive

less loud in unrolling
PVC with solvent adhesive,
BOPP with Silent adhesive

the least loud in unrolling

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