The water-activated tape is celebrating its COMEBACK

not only due to being ecological

We would like to inform you today about a new trend in sealing consignments. Can you still remember the lick-and-stick tape? The paper tape, which adhered only after being water-activated? As your parents would tell you, everything returns one day :). This water-activated tape, too, is currently becoming increasingly more popular and is celebrating its COMEBACK.

Navlhčená papírová páska

It is not only due to the fact that it is probably the most ecological option for sealing consignments. It has other great advantages, too.

  • It consists of robust paper with a plant-based adhesive on one side. And, as is clear from the name, it only adheres after it is water-activated.
  • Upon being attached, it connects to the cardboard and any attempt to get into the consignment without damaging the tape is impossible.
  • It is resistant to light, does not get worse with age and the weather does not influence its functioning.
  • It can be reinforced with glass fibres lengthwise as well as in the form of a grid and is thus much firmer than standard adhesive tapes.
  • Its price is more affordable in case of a large amount.
  • If it is broken partially, it does not tear further.
  • It has minimal elasticity, which in practice means that if you press on a sealed consignment, the tape will, compared to plastic, remain firm until tear, while plastic tape stretches and detaches from the box lids
  • It adheres even on a dusty surface.
  • It unrolls quietly.
  • It can be recycled together with cardboard.
  • It can be printed similarly to a plastic tape.

Probably the greatest impulse was the choice of Amazon, which has introduced a paper tape as a standard. Other large chain-stores such as Lidl or DM followed.

The water-activated tape is celebrating its COMEBACK