Accessories not only for adhesive tapes

Cardboard closers, adhesive tape decoilers or dispensers

They significantly accelerate and simplify work with adhesive tapes. They are optimal helpers for sealing cardboards.

In warehouses, dispatch departments packhouses, adhesive tape decoilers are an indispensable requisite. You can apply the tape quickly and efficiently and you will never have to look for its end again. Due to the brake, the tape will tighten optimally, and the use of a decoiler will thus ensure even and quality adhesion of the tape to the surface being sealed, and last but not least, it will lower tape consumption demonstrably and will save your costs.

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Decoilers for water-activated adhesive tapes

There are various types of decoilers for water-activated adhesive tapes. Manual without a cutter and with a cutter, or semi-automatic up to automatic.

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Stretch foil decoilers

Smooth wrapping of products or cardboards with products with sufficient tightening of the stretch foil will form a firm shell, which fixates goods against movement during transport. We offer you decoilers suitable for all types of stretch foils. All decoilers are made so as to enable easy and fast to handle. The dimensions of the decoilers are adjusted to the hollows in stretch foils.

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Plastic bag sealer

Adhesive tapes have various uses, not only for sealing parcels and consignments. It can be used for example for sealing plastic bag packaging in production. All you need is to buy adhesive tapes with the breadth of 12 or 12.5 mm in our e-shop, a desktop plastic bag sealer, we can also print suitable labels for you and you can begin wrapping your goods very attractively, efficiently, and especially fast.

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