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Printed adhesive tapes, labels, packaging materials

We are specialists in adhesive tape printing and leaders on our market. We offer various types of printed adhesive tapes, as well as labels, printed foils, cardboard and other standard packaging materials at affordable prices

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What does a printed adhesive tape serve for?

A printed tape is suitable  for sealing paper boxes, cardboard or plastic packaging. It creates a seal and protects your goods. Any unauthorised penetration into the cardboard will be immediately recognizable.

A printed tape has versatile use. It can be used to efficiently impart information or instructions and warnings to customers. On adhesive tapes for packaging, the logo of the company, contact details, important warnings, safety texts or instructions for the customers can be printed.

What materials of printed tapes can we offer you?

We offer printed adhesive tapes made from various materials. Each material has its specific characteristics, and if you need advice, we will be happy to provide it via telephone.

  • The most common printed adhesive tapes are made of polypropylene foil with acrylate adhesive. These are the most common tapes with wide use especially for lighter and medium-weight consignments. Polypropylene foil can be combined with other adhesives, too, such as hotmelt or freezer. These are stronger adhesives intended for example for cold warehouses. They are marked with the abbreviation BOPP.
  • If you need to wrap heavier consignments, we recommend adhesive tapes made from PVC foil with solvent adhesive. This is a very firm tape with adhesive made from natural rubber diluted by organic solvents. It can be used for example in the food industry, where there is grease and coldness, or in case of machine packaging.
  • There has also been increasing demand for printed adhesive paper tapes, too. They are 100% recyclable, can be recycled along with cardboards and will give your consignments the image of a company, which is not indifferent to the future of this planet. We offer printed adhesive paper tapes in various versions. We recommend a tape printed with black colour without silicone.
  • A similarly ecological version is also the formerly relatively common water-activated paper tape. A similar 100% recyclable ecological version is also the formerly relatively common water-activated paper tape. The adhesive is biologically degradable. This tape is suitable for heavy to very heavy consignments and is very popular in the food industry. We can offer it to you in the standard version as well as reinforced and printed according to your ideas with up to 2 colours. We also offer you suitable accessories.