Water-activated printed adhesive tapes

A similarly ecological version is also the formerly relatively common water-activated paper tape. As soon as the tape is moistened by water, an inseparable seam between cardboard and tape is formed.

Navlhčovací papírové pásky

We can offer you a standard tape in the breadth from 2 cm to 10 cm and coil of 25 m, 50 m, and 200 m, but also a reinforced one and printed according to your ideas with up to 2 colours. We also offer you suitable accessories. Its great advantage is the subsequent opening of consignments by the customer without a danger of damage to the content of the consignment.

It can be used to seal unimpregnated cardboard boxes and parcels. 

  • A non-reinforced tape consists of firm sulfate paper, whitened or unwhitened, with the weight of approximately 60 g/m2 and the adhesive coating is 23 g/m2, or thicker 90 + 23 g adhesive layer. 
  • A reinforced tape is used, where the demands on the burdening of taped-up seams are higher. We make it from sulfate paper 120 g or 150 g/m2 with glue of 23 g/m2 and it is reinforced by various types of fibres. Its standard coil is 150 m. 

With suitable accessories, the tape is also suitable for machine packaging. 

20 - 100 mm.
whitened or unwhitened paper, 60g/m2 or 90g/m2, reinforced 120g/m2 or 150g/m2, adhesive 23g
The regular coil is 25, 50, 200 m in the roll. Reinforced tape 150 m in roll.
Print colour:
Up to 2 colours according to PANTONE