Adhesive tapes with hot melt adhesive

Due to positive reactions of our customers to non-printed tapes with the hot melt adhesive, we are extending the use of this adhesive to printed tapes as well. When ordering a printed tape, you can newly choose between the classic acrylate adhesive or hot melt adhesive.

Hot melt adhesive will bring you gigantic and fast adhesive strength of synthetic rubber even in lower temperatures, compared to acrylate adhesive, which is more resistant to aging and UV radiation, but achieves maximum tack only after several hours and requires application with sufficient pressure in temperatures above 18 °C.

Our merchants will be happy to advise you with the selection of a suitable adhesive. Please, ask for samples of adhesive tape to be sent to you, so you can try them in your conditions.

  • division of adhesives for adhesive tapes

Technical specifications of adhesive tapes BOPP hot melt.

total strength
41 ± 5% µm
tensile strength
140 N/mm2 +-10%
stretch before tear
< 140 % +- 10%

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