Price increase

The prices of chemical products are increasing significantly.

Graf zachycující pohyb cen na trhu  u polypropylenové copo fólie

Dear Customers,

the prices of chemical products are increasing significantly. Some manufacturers have made up to three-digit percentage increases. According to analyzes, the end of this trend is not planned for February yet. This is also reflected in the purchase prices of our raw materials. This is due to both the very strong demand and some problems with multiple manufacturers (production plant failures, etc.). The prices of raw materials for paper production as well as the prices of packaging paper itself have risen since the beginning of the pandemic. In a few months of 2020, due to closed retail stores and exclusive online sales, some paper products were even unavailable because manufacturers couldn't meet the demand. We are sorry, but we have to adapt to this trend and also adapt our prices, sometimes very significantly by up to 10 percent. Please contact our vendors and they will be happy to help.

Thank you for your understanding