Pantone colour swatch in the printing of adhesive and non-adhesive tapes

Direct colours are defined in colour swatches and thus precise identification of a specific colour is achieved. The Pantone swatches, which were introduced in the year 1963, have undergone long development and now the entire library contains 1867 colours + 18 primary colours in chromatic order. They are a colour standard that is recognised worldwide.

The selection of the most frequently used shades for the printing of adhesive tapes:

Yellow C
021 C
485 C
032 C
219 C (Magenta)
190 C
Purple C
Violet C
Reflex Blue C
293 C
Process Blue C
298 C
320 C
Green C
3415 C
354 C
360 C
375 C
4655 C
478 C
Cool Gray 4 C
Cool Gray 9 C
429 C
White C
Black C

The viewed Pantone colours are only intended to approximate the individual shade!

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