Strech foil

Stretch foil is the most widely and most frequently used packaging material in the world. Stretch foil is made of LDPE (low density polyethylene) and ensures the simplest and fastest fixation of your goods.

It main advantage is its ability to stretch, and it is therefore called for example stretch foil or stretch wrap. It is possible to achieve up to 500% stretch with it.

Work with stretch foil brings considerable acceleration and simplification of the packaging process. It is suitable for wrapping any goods, while also representing a very cheap and economical way of packaging. Per order, the stretch foil can be adhesive on one or the other side, moreover, which makes securing goods on palettes considerably easier and saves packaging material.

Our stretch foil is made of PE. Due to this, it is ecological and well-recyclable. Waste made of polyethylene can be used in the recycling process for producing new plastic products.