How to proceed in case of potential complaints

Dear customers,

Our aim is to maintain the highest quality in proportion to the selling price. During the printing of adhesive tapes, various colours are applied to various foil materials. We continually test the foils and colours of our permanent suppliers as well as other suppliers, in order to be able to always manufacture the best product for you, our customers. We generally recommend ordering a supply for approximately 6 months. Longer storage of the tape may cause its devaluation.

If any problems appears with your consignment, we would like to examine this problem in detail. We would like to ask you to send us a minimum of 5 rolls of printed adhesive tapes. If your consignment was larger (more than 500 roll), we would like to ask you to send a minimum of 15 rolls from different boxes of the consignment (there are 36 pieces in a package) to our address. This is not because we do not believe you, but it is due to the fact that we always want to detect these problems, so as to avoid them in future. Every production is documented in the manufacturing, including the types of colours, foil, adhesive, corona charge. With your help, we can thus be even better.

If we confirm a fault for you, we will offer an additional supply or other compensation upon agreement.

Please aim our complaints at this email address: