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Our transport costs

If you have used our automatic calculator, you can find here the corresponding transport costs for the most important quantities and for the most important countries. Transport costs for other countries, we will send you on request.

How to store and handle an adhesive tape

All adhesive tapes are harmed by 

  • light, 
  • dust, 
  • UV radiation, 
  • excessive heat and coldness. 
Positive and negative printing on adhesive tapes

Two important terms in the printing of adhesive as well as non-adhesive tapes are the positive and the negative printing.

When does an adhesive tape adhere best?

A standard adhesive tape best adheres in case of common warehouse, workshop or office temperature up to a minimum of 18°C. If temperature decreases below this level, it is possible that adhesives may gradually harden and thus also adhere less. If you need an adhesive tape for lower temperatures, because your warehouses are not heated, we recommend for example adhesive tapes with hot melt adhesive or even so-called freezer tapes, which are intended for cold storage warehouses with up to -20°C.

How to proceed in case of potential complaints

Dear customers,

Our aim is to maintain the highest quality in proportion to the selling price. During the printing of adhesive tapes, various colours are applied to various foil materials. We continually test the foils and colours of our permanent suppliers as well as other suppliers, in order to be able to always manufacture the best product for you, our customers. We generally recommend ordering a supply for approximately 6 months. Longer storage of the tape may cause its devaluation.

What are the properties of foils used in adhesive tapes?
  • Polypropylene (BOPP) - ecological, with an advantageous price, withstands even temperatures above 50°C well, the used strength of foil is 25 to 32 microns.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - good mechanical properties, the used strength of foil is 28 to 37 microns.
  • Paper - ecological, anti-aging, worse mechanical properties, weight approx. 60 g / m².
Preparation of graphic design for printing adhesive tapes

For ideal preparation of graphic design, we need data in vectors.   The filenames extensions are: CDR (Corel Draw), AI or EPS (Adobe  Illustrator), or PDF (Acrobat). If you do not have data in such files, send us everything you have and we will process the data. According to the scope of adjustments and the time they demand, we will arrange with you an increase of the resulting price by this work.

Coloured print on brown paper adhesive tape.

The print on the coloured background may not be the same as your requested shade. However, we try to do our best. However sometimes, it is necessary to choose a bit different shade than the one in the logo manual.

How best to tape up a slotted box with an adhesive tape

When taping up slotted boxed, overlap the tape to 1/3 of the side of the box (12 cm at minimum), in case of strong boxes prolong the overlap proportionally, the overlap and the above-mentioned pressure in application to the cardboard and subsequent smoothing by hand over the entire surface of the tape will prevent natural pressures in the box to cause its unsticking.

They best taping up is when the adhesive tape is applied all around the box (if, of course, the size and weight of the box permits).

What are the properties of adhesive tapes for packing adhesive tapes?

For price and quality reasons, the following types of adhesive have become established for packaging tapes:

What does an adhesive tape tape up?

Our adhesive tapes are intended for taping up all commonly used packaging materials - but these must be clean, dry and non-greasy (materials with very coarse surface and special plastic materials (for example teflon) cannot be taped up with adhesive tapes, the vapours from diluents worsen the properties of adhesives).


What is actually the difference between an adhesive tape made of polypropylene (PP) and a tape made of PVC? And if you know the difference, can you recognize the tapes, too?

Why is this important? Because these tapes have fundamental qualitative differences.  For a regular consumer, there is probably not much point in considering this, but for you as a professional consignor, the selection of the right adhesive tape is fundamental.

Our coloured tapes in Pantone shades

Are you interested in shade of background adhesive tape?

We present Pantone shades, but it is important to note that the color of the tape will not be the same on the white box or brown.

Corona treatment - the preparation of PE and PP materials for printing

Many printed materials, such as for example PE and PP, has a chemically inert and non-porous surface with low surface tension.

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