When does an adhesive tape adhere best?

A standard adhesive tape best adheres in case of common warehouse, workshop or office temperature up to a minimum of 18°C. If temperature decreases below this level, it is possible that adhesives may gradually harden and thus also adhere less. If you need an adhesive tape for lower temperatures, because your warehouses are not heated, we recommend for example adhesive tapes with hot melt adhesive or even so-called freezer tapes, which are intended for cold storage warehouses with up to -20°C.

An adhesive tape must always be pressed to the consignment, the pressure removing air between the materials so that the entire area of the adhesive gets into contact with the material being sealed and a perfect connection will be formed - smoothing the tape by hand always improves the quality of the connection.

Our standard adhesive tapes are intended for taping up all commonly used packaging materials - but these must be clean, dry and non-greasy. Materials with very coarse surface and special plastic materials (for example teflon) cannot be taped up with adhesive tapes, the vapours from diluents worsen the properties of adhesives. For use in the food industry, PVC tapes with solvent adhesive are intended, for example.

 For every use, we first recommend trying a sample before ordering a larger amount. We will be happy to assist you with advice via telephone.