Preparation of graphic design for printing adhesive tapes

For ideal preparation of graphic design, we need data in vectors. The filenames extensions are: CDR (Corel Draw), AI or EPS (Adobe Illustrator), or PDF (Acrobat). If you do not have data in such files, send us everything you have and we will process the data. According to the scope of adjustments and the time they demand, we will arrange with you an increase of the resulting price by this work.

We will always send the graphic design to you for approval.

Print preparation itself:

If you wish to create the motif for a printed take yourselves, please proceed according to the specifications below.

Tape widht:

Please choose one of the standard widths: 25, 37.5, 48, 50, 75 or 150 mm

Height of motif:

For most orders, it is necessary to leave a minimum distance from the edge, for an adhesive tape, it is 2 mm as a standard, for an LDPE warning tape it is 5 mm.

the height of motif for a 50 mm adhesive tape will be 46 mm at maximum. 

the height of motif for a 75mm LDPE tape will be 65 mm at maximum.

Printing repeat length/ repetition of the motif:

The printing repeat length depends on the size of the printing cylinder, more specifically on its circumference. The circumference of the cylinder is the distance, after which the entire motif will be printed again. This distance must be observed and cannot be changed: 150,7 mm,  188,4 mm, 251,2 mm, 314,0 mm a 452,3 mm.

Length of motif:
If you have selected one of the cylinders, subtract 2 mm for the gap and you will obtain the maximum length of motif…
It always applies that the motif + gap = the circumference of the printing cylinder.

Printing cylinder: 188,4 mm – 2 mm gap = 186,4 mm length of motif.
Printing cylinder: 150,7 mm – 50,7 mm gap = 100 mm length of motif. 

Dimensions summary:

To put it simply, if you have selected tape of 50 mm width and a printing cylinder of 188,4 mm in circumference, then the maximum size of you motif can be: 46 x 186,4 mm.


3 direct colours at maximum, the background colour of the tape is not included.

Print using a “Sleeve” cylinder - print without the usual gap between motifs

The Sleeve technology enables endless printing without the otherwise obligatory gap in print. The circumference of the printing cylinder for Sleeve is always 251,2 mm. To request this type of print, please contact the sales department.

Borderless printing

Full-bleed printing is possible in case of adhesive tape made of PVC. It is necessary, though, for the motif exceeding the upper edge to be identical with the motif exceeding the lower edge. See the picture.

What the Flexo printing technology does not enable: 

The technology of printing adhesive and marking tapes has its specifics and does not enable some printing.

  • Lines thinner than 0.3 mm
  • Hollows thinner than 0.6mm for example in case of negative printing
  • Type height below 3mm (for example Arial 10pt is the minimum, but the used font is decisive)
  • A combination of small thin lettering with large objects in the negative
  • Raster printing is possible, but only from 20 to 80% and the coarseness is 35lpi
  • Exact correspondence of printed colour with Pantone shade (tolerance +/- 1 shade)
  • Completely ineffaceable, chemical anchoring of print
  • High resistance to weather conditions
  • High hiding power (non-transparency) of adhesive tape

 You can consult the printmaker about the printing directly on the telephone number 281 000 013.